CoAnn Technologies, LLC 
(CoAnn NanoLC columns)

CoAnn Technologies, LLC是位於美國的一家專門製造奈米級管柱的公司,他們致力於開發先進的毛細管分離管柱(capillary separation columns)及相關零件與儀器,可結合質譜應用於分析蛋白質、代謝物等較複雜的混合物,近年來更著重在發展高解析度奈米級的液相層析管柱(管柱內徑15~100um,長度20~120cm)。當與串聯質譜同時使用,可提供單一細胞及胜肽水準的靈敏度,奈米級管柱對於分析胜肽、代謝物及化合物分子都可以提供高解析度的質譜數據。

CoAnn Technologies, LLC is dedicated to developing and manufacturing cutting-edge capillary separation columns and related accessories and instruments, especially those used with combination of mass spectrometry for measurement of complex mixtures such as objectives of Omics and other researches. Currently, we focus on making sensitive, high- resolution nanoscale liquid chromatography (nanoLC) columns with inner diameters of 15-100 μm and lengths of 20-120 cm. When coupled to advanced mass spectrometers, these columns provide the sensitivity needed for mapping of proteome heterogeneities at levels of a single or a few mammalian cells (~10 μm size), the resolution allowable for characterization of ~1,500 proteins and their >10,000 proteoforms in a proteome, as well as the power capable of measurement of >6,000 proteins through assignment of ~60,000 peptides. These nanoLC columns also help acquiring high quality mass spectral datasets for phosphopeptides, metabolites, and other small biological and chemical molecules.

NanoLC Column Products:
  • Ultrasensitive 10−30 um ID NanoLC Columns for Single Cell Proteomics and Proteomic Analysis of Small Sizes of Samples
  • High-Resolution Sensitive 50−75 um ID NanoLC Columns for Maximal Coverage Mass Spectrometry Proteome and Metabolome Analysis
  • Sensitive NanoLC Columns for Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Phosphopeptides (Phosphoproteomics)
  • High-Resolution NanoLC Columns for Separation of Protein Proteoforms (Top-Down Proteomics)
  • High-Resolution NanoLC Columns for Middle-Down Mass Spectrometry Proteomic Analysis
  • Peptide High-pH RPLC Fractionation Columns for Two-Dimensional Bottom-Up Proteomic Analysis
  • Protein/Proteoform RPLC Fractionation Columns for Multi-Dimensional Top-Down Proteomic Analysis

  • Pulled Emitters for ESI–MS and Separated Column NanoLC–ESI–MS
  • Empty Fritted Fused Silica Capillary Tubes for Self Pack NanoLC Columns
  • MicroSPE Used for Sample Loading in NanoLC–Mass Spectrometry Analysis
  • Adaptors for Securing NanoLC Columns on Specific Ion Sources
  • Very-High Pressure (~20,000 psi) Lines for Connecting NanoLC Columns