(中草藥標準品, 精油)

Naturewill is a technical enterprise mainly engaged in the isolation and purification of natural products from TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine),and provide the technical services on research and development. 
Based on Sichuan and Guangxi health industry research institutes, under the leadership of experienced professional scientific research teams, naturewill actively specializes in the R & D and production of health products.
We cooperated with many experts and professors in Chengdu University of TCM, Guangxi University of TCM, Shanghai University of TCM, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and many other universities,institutes and pharmaceutical enterprises.
From R & D to finished products, we are always devoted to green, natural and healthy products. Our main services are as follows:
 1.Customized R & D, production and sales of active ingredients from TCM;
 2.Drug screening used compound library,reference standards/materials from TCM;
 3.Natural compound essential oil, and OEM products for cosmetics,dietary supplement,ect;
 4.Commercial used of bulk products to kgs quantity for cosmetics, pharmaceutical industry,ect;
 5.Compound monomer separation and purification outsourcing services, impurity separation and structure confirmation outsourcing services;
 6.Research of improving the quality standards of TCM; natural products production process research; quality standards, pilot production, stability research outsourcing services;
 7.Decoction pieces of TCM, TCM preparations R & D and outsourcing services; classic famous prescriptions of TCM, hospital preparations and health products research.